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Some points left to discuss:

Is the method using only the updater correct on linux systems and osx, or is it necessary to compile the client? Are there other pitfalls that should be mentioned in those sections?

I wonder about this note: "WARNING: Using GitHub for Windows requires a solid understanding of Git and UNIX, and can otherwise be confusing." I never used this one, but thought it is just some sync app for github. Is it possible that this note was meant for msysgit instead, which uses a bash-like shell?

I'm not sure if we should shorten or even skip the section about using two versions "in tandem". I guess everyone who uses the development version has a copy of the stable client anyway, and the home directory is set up nicely per default.

Maybe the "abstract" should be merged with the introduction, so it is above the toc. Not sure. --Bonifarz (talk) 09:22, 21 February 2016 (EST)