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A buff is a strong, temporary status enhancement that players can receive in capture, bomber or defend games. The buff implies

  • +25% attack (outgoing damage is multiplied by 1.25)
  • +25% defense (incoming damage is divided by 1.25)
  • health regenerates up to 150 hp
  • +40% faster regeneration (7 hp per second)

Players get buffed when defending

  • a secured control point in defend games,
  • their base in bomber games,
  • the flag in their team base or
  • a team mate who carries their flag.
  • Note: The flag carrier is not buffed and
  • dropped flags have no buffing power.


Some weapons induce status ailments that inflict some damage over time and last for about five seconds. Useful to delay enemy health recovery. Multiple effects can be stacked.

Shock.png Shock- Slows down movement greatly. Deals 2 damage per second. Caused by the Zappercol.pngzapper and by Minecol.pngmines.
Burn.png Burn- Deals 3 damage per second. Can be negated with the secondary fire of the Flamercol.pngflamer or by entering water (as long as the burnt body part is submerged). Caused by Grenadecol.pnggrenades, Rocketcol.pngrockets and the Flamercol.pngflamer.
Bleed.png Bleed- Deals 3 damage per second. Caused by the secondary fire of the Shotguncol.pngshotgun and by the Swordcol.pngsword.