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Guidelines for Connecting to the Red Eclipse Master Server

The Red Eclipse Team provides the master server for the benefit of the Red Eclipse Community. We impose a general set of guidelines for any server/user which connects to the master server. The team reserves the right to block any attempt to connect to the master server at their discretion. Access to services provided by the project are considered to be a privilege, not a right.

These guidelines are imposed to ensure the integrity of both the Red Eclipse game, and its community. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not connect to the master server, or any servers which are connected to it. These guidelines are not designed to limit your opinion or freedoms granted to you by the open source licenses employed by the project, nor do they cover usage of the game in either offline play or on servers which are not connected to the Red Eclipse master.

If you have questions or comments regarding these guidelines please contact the Red Eclipse Team. Any person seeking to modify their game or server for use on the master server should first seek permission from the Red Eclipse Team, each modification must be approved and will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Guidelines for Servers

(See RE Mark Policy for definitions of "substantially (un)modified")

  • The gameplay of the server must not grant an undue or unfair advantage to any party.
    • "Humans vs Zombies" is fine, as long as it rotates roles in a fair manner.
    • Giving one player double the health of other players permanently is not permitted.
  • If the gameplay of the server is modified substantially this must be indicated clearly, preferably through the use of "servermotd".
    • If you wish to disable one or more weapons on the server, use the "sv_<weapon>disabled" variable. Letting players wield a weapon, but changing variables so that weapon doesn't actually work (such as by setting its damage output to 0), is not allowed.
  • If the source code of the server is modified substantially you must contact the Red Eclipse Team to check that the changes are permitted.
  • The server must honour the auth system, allowing global bans and grant the correct access by the Red Eclipse Team, or moderators assigned by them.
  • The server must not advertise or otherwise spam messages excessively.
  • The server must not have a name that is offensive or send any messages that could be interpreted as offensive.
    • Offensive language covers things such as bigotry (racist, religious, or sexually derogatory [gender or orientation] remarks)
  • The owner of a server may outline their own rules, specific to their server.
    • These rules may not revoke any part of this document.
    • These rules must not make any unreasonable or illegal demands.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the immediate ban and removal of the server in question from listing on the master server, without warning.

Guidelines for Users

  • Players must behave in a manner that is not disruptive to the game.
    • Cussing is fine, so long as it doesn't involve bigotry (racist, religious, or sexually derogatory [gender or orientation] remarks), unless a server is designated as "family friendly" and provides a clear definition of what kind of language is not permitted.
    • Intentionally killing team mates or scoring for an opposing team is not permitted. This includes "kamikaze" tactics that result in negative scores.
    • Cheating, flooding and/or spamming is not permitted.
  • The owner of a server may outline their own rules, specific to their server.
    • Players on a server with additional rules must follow said rules unless the demands are unreasonable, illegal, or revoke part of this document.
    • If any part of the rules supplied by a server violate this document, then all rules supplied by the server are considered to be null and void.
  • Failure to adhere to a request by a moderator to follow the rules can result in an immediate ban, without warning, possibly from the master server and all Red Eclipse servers listed on it.

Guidelines for Moderators

  • Moderators must act in a fair and impartial manner, employing the "warn, then kick, then ban" approach, unless there is an emergency or immediate need.
  • The use of kick and/or ban should only be used when a user violates sections of this document. If in doubt, moderators should seek the advice of their peers (other players and/or moderators) before proceeding with disciplinary action. A moderator may kick and/or ban for other reasons if there is due cause to do so.
  • If a moderator believes that any behaviour not covered by this document should result in disciplinary action, and they have the support of their peers, they should contact the Red Eclipse Team immediately to propose an amendment.
  • Failure by a moderator to follow or uphold the rules may result in their access being immediately revoked, without warning.


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