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/showmat [0|1] (or 'M' Key)

toggles the visibility of material volumes.


deletes all materials within the selection.


creates water within the selected.


creates lava within the selection.


creates glass material within the selection. It is recommended that Alpha material is used instead of glass.


converts selected geometry to Alpha material. The transparency level of the selected material can be adjusted with the /valpha command. Default: /valpha 0.5 Min: /valpha 0.0 (invisible) Max: /valpha 1.0 (normal)


creates invisible death material within the selection. Whenever a player enters this material they are killed


creates an invisible wall within the selection area.


adds an invisible wall that only affects bots (Clip for bots only) within the selection.


enables the player and projectiles to pass through the selected geometry.


creates a ladder within the selection.