Map Wardepot

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Wardepot.png Author: Kirill TristamK Kolesnikov
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Checkpoints: 8
Expected lap time: 40-65s
Turrets (onslaught): None


Infiltrate the war depot complex and find your way to the covered submarine dock.


  • The finish a lap, find and enter the submarine.
  • If you have problems finding your way, enable display of routes via the help menu (F1).

Lap times

Some notes about the range of expected lap times shown above:

  • The upper value corresponds to a careful, unhurried walk-through: No tricks, no shortcuts, but also no deaths.
  • The lower value is for advanced runners in games without the endurance mutator.
  • All lower values have been verified with a deviation of less than one second.
  • Faster lap times can be reported here or on the forums, preferably with a demo record.

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