Map Vorticity

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Map Preview
Author: "Unammed"
Filename: vorticity
Release Date: 2016-02-03
Recommended Modes: TDM, FFA
Size: Medium (4-8)
Complexity: Medium
Environmental Features: Center hole
Theme: Futuristic
Rocket Spawn: Yes

Spawn Register

Sword.png Swords 7
Shotgun.png Shotguns 4
Smg.png SMGs 8
Flamer.png Flamers 4
Plasma.png Plasmas 4
Rifle.png Rifles 4
Zapper grey.png Zappers 4
Grenade.png Grenades 8
Mine.png Mines 8
Rocket.png Rockets 1 (4 in kaboom)


Vorticity is a 4 way axially-symmetrical map suitable for team and FFA games. While a beautiful map, Vorticity often struggles on lower-powered computers.

Notes & Strategies

  • There is one rocket in the center of the map.
  • Rockets will spawn on the four beams in kaboom. (replacing the one in the center)
  • The center hole will kill you. Don't fall in!