Map Tribal

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Map Preview
Author: Derek "JoJo" Stegall
Filename: tribal
Release Date: 2010-12-23
Recommended Modes: Jetpack, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag
Size: Large (12-16)
Complexity: Advanced
Environmental Features: N/A
Theme: Ancient
Rocket Spawn: Yes

Spawn Register

Sword.png Swords 2
Shotgun.png Shotguns 4
Smg.png SMGs 4
Flamer.png Flamers 2
Plasma.png Plasmas 4
Rifle.png Rifles 6
Grenade.png Grenades 12
Mine.png Mines 8
Rocket.png Rockets 2 (3 in deathmatch and CTF)
Flag.png DTF Flags 5

Notes & Strategies

  • Stay on the upper ledges to snipe.
  • Stay near the flag platform or in the doorway next to it to defend the flag in CTF.
  • There is a cave near each of the bases, with a rocket in the deepest recesses of each cave. Use the teleport pads to get back to the entrance quickly.
  • In the modes where it exists, the third rocket can be found in the middle of the stone bridge at the very top of the map.