Map Tonatiuh

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Tonatiuh.png Author: Bonifarz
Difficulty: Moderate to advanced
Checkpoints: 16
Expected lap time: 85-120s
Turrets (onslaught): 24


A mysterious temple with many traps and hidden passages to explore. The difficulty curve is rather steep for an official race map, and an impulse launch is needed to finish a lap.


  • The various secret passages will not work as shortcuts, but alternate routes allow you to sneak past your enemies in gauntlet games.
  • In onslaught-gauntlet games, gun turrets will pose an additional challenge.
  • In the large room with the golden sphere, there are several options for a wall run.
  • For players who have not mastered the impulse launch, the final jump of this map can be rather frustrating.

Lap times

Some notes about the range of expected lap times shown above:

  • The upper value corresponds to a careful, unhurried walk-through: No tricks, no shortcuts, but also no deaths.
  • The lower value is for advanced runners in games without the endurance mutator.
  • All lower values have been verified with a deviation of less than one second.
  • Faster lap times can be reported here or on the forums, preferably with a demo record.

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