Map Relax

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Relax.png Author: Bonifarz
Difficulty: very easy
Checkpoints: none
Expected lap time: 28-40s
Turrets (onslaught): None


Relax is a very easy race map with a rainbow theme and strictly tubular geometry. There are no traps or other deadly hazards, and players cannot fall off the map. This makes Relax suitable for beginners, even though the environment can be disorienting.


  • Climbing up walls can be tricky, because all surfaces are curved.
  • Should you get lost, follow the direction of the colored sparks.

Lap times

Some notes about the range of expected lap times shown above:

  • The upper value corresponds to a careful, unhurried walk-through: No tricks, no shortcuts, but also no deaths.
  • The lower value is for advanced runners in games without the endurance mutator.
  • All lower values have been verified with a deviation of less than one second.
  • Faster lap times can be reported here or on the forums, preferably with a demo record.

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