Map Institute

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Map Preview
Author: Derek "JoJo" Stegall
Filename: institute
Release Date: Unknown
Recommended Modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch
Size: Medium-Large (6-10)
Complexity: Intermediate
Environmental Features: N/A
Theme: Urban
Rocket Spawn: Yes

Spawn Register

Sword.png Swords 2
Shotgun.png Shotguns 2
Smg.png SMGs 2
Flamer.png Flamers 2
Plasma.png Plasmas 1
Rifle.png Rifles 3
Grenade.png Grenades 5
Mine.png Mines 6
Rocket.png Rockets 1
Flag.png DTF Flags 2

Notes & Strategies

  • Team Omega has the high ground on this map. Alpha players might want to jump or climb walls to get up to the main floor, in case you catch the opponent off-guard while they're expecting to shoot you down at the ramp!
  • The rocket spawns in the short hallway between the ramp on the side, and the main floor of the building.
  • Teams will switch half way through due to the map's asymmetricallity.