Map Dutility

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Map Preview
Authors: Quinton Reeves and Derek "JoJo" Stegall
Filename: dutility
Release Date: 2010-06-03
Recommended Modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag
Size: Small/Duel (2-4)
Complexity: Simple
Environmental Features: N/A
Theme: Space
Rocket Spawn: No


A crowd favourite for bomberball and duel modes, this tried-and-true floater is a part of Red Eclipse history, being the first map ever created for the game. Here, blood-stained nebulae fill the sky and the ground is tinged crimson by the glow of a distant eclipse, giving the latest iteration of the classic map a snazzy thematic twist.

Spawn Register

Sword.png Swords 2
Shotgun.png Shotguns 2
Smg.png SMGs 2
Flamer.png Flamers 2
Plasma.png Plasmas 2
Rifle.png Rifles 2
Grenade.png Grenades 8
Mine.png Mines 4
Rocket.png Rockets 0
Flag.png DTF Flags 3

Notes & Strategies

  • Use plasma balls to clog up the path.
  • Use the grenade's alternate fire - or cook and throw them - to force your opponent out of hiding.
  • Be sure to use wallrunning and take the side wall paths on the left and right sides of the map.
  • Using the sword can make people fight or go into flight.