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The following summary is equivalent to the parkour section of the in-game help menu.

For the in-depth guide about the movement system, see impulse moves.


In Red Eclipse, the art of parkour replaces your player's normal fatigue and damage from falling. Parkour or impulse moves greatly enhance your mobility, but deplete your impulse meter. Press Shift to crouch and refill the meter more quickly. You can do at most 6 parkour moves before you must touch the ground.

  • Melee: Jump at an enemy and hold Q to attack with a kick (always aim for the head). You can also inflict collision damage with a Slide or Wall Run, as described below.
  • Boost: Press Space while jumping or falling. This propels you in the direction you are facing and redirects momentum, such as falling speed. Jumps and Boosts can be chained together to build up speed quickly.
  • Impulse Jump: When airborne, stop moving before you Boost to get an upwards push that redirects all horizontal momentum. This is useful to land on small platforms.
  • Wall Run: Jump at a wall and press Q at any time while touching it to run across it. This move is a fast and easy way to cover wide distances, especially with obstacles in the way. It can be followed by other parkour moves to build momentum.
  • Wall Jump: Press Space during a Wall Run. In essence this allows you to perform two consecutive parkour jumps, meaning you can still Boost after jumping off of the wall!
  • Vault: Hold Q to bounce over ledges or any obstacle below your eye level. This also works while on solid ground.
  • Wall Kick: Jump at a wall and press Q to bounce off it. Look either up or down to adjust the height of your momentum.
  • Wall Climb: Jump at a wall, look directly up or down vertically and hold Q. If you bounce off instead, you are facing the wall instead of a vertical angle.
  • Dash: Double-tap a movement key quickly to perform an evasive maneuver (also works side-to-side for a strafing effect, or even backwards).
  • Slide: Hold Shift to crouch and then do a Dash. Deals damage and propels the opponent upwards. Alternately, jump forward and press Shift when you land (or whenever you hit solid ground after being airborne).
  • Launch: During a Slide, look directly up (important) and press Space. Reaching the full potential height of a Launch requires very precise timing. You cannot Boost after a Launch, unless you do a Wall Kick or Vault.
  • Multi Slide: During a Slide, look down and press Space. This allows you to chain Slides and build momentum, that can be used to Launch even higher or move across flat terrain very quickly.