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Gameplay Controls

W Move Forward
A Sidestep Left
S Move Backward
D Sidestep Right
Doubletap W/A/S/D Dodge
Left Mouse Button Primary Fire
Right Mouse Button Alternate Fire
E Pick Up Weapon
R Reload
Scroll Wheel - or - 1 2 3 4 Keys Change Weapon
G Grenade
F Throw Flag/Ball (Bomber Ball Mode)
Space Bar Jump
Space Bar (In Air) Double Jump
Space Bar + W/A/S/D (In Air) - or - Doubletap W/A/S/D (In Air) Impulse Dash
Q (In Air) (When Facing Parallel to Wall) Wall Run
Q (In Air) (When Facing Perpendicular to Wall) Wall Kick
Q (On Ground) (Near Opponent) Punch
Q (In Air) (Near Opponent) Kick
Left Shift Crouch
Left Shift (Hold after Impulsing until you hit the ground - or - Hold after Dodging) Power Slide
Hold Jump while Crouched, release Crouch to initiate Super Jump
Left Ctrl Walk
K Suicide/Kamikaze (With Grenade)
V Voice Menu
, (Comma) Choose Loadout Weapon (Arena Mode)
. (Period) Change Team
F2 - F3 Vote Menu
Home Enter Spectate
End Exit Spectate
Tab Scoreboard
Escape Main Menu


  • You are more accurate the less agile you are.
  • You regenerate Impulse Energy faster the less agile you are.
  • You can combo Impulse moves together by alternating between them and jumps.
  • You can wall kick / wall run up to three times before falling.

Movement / Accuracy / Regen Hierarchy:

Crouching -> Walking -> Running -> Falling / Jumping / Swimming -> Impulsing / Dodging / Power Sliding / Super Jumping


The default HUD in-game with annotation numbers explained below (temporary image)

  1. Message area: As well as kills and assists, other match events such as the capturing of flags are displayed.
  2. Team icon: FFA games have no teams (neutral). Otherwise, games will have 2 teams (Alpha and Omega) or if the multi mutator is selected, 4 teams (Alpha, Omega, Kappa and Sigma) which is indicated here.
  3. Special kill notifications area: When you achieve special milestones in a match a message will display here.
  4. Crosshair/Radar: The crosshair shows how much ammo you have in your current clip. The radar allows you to see where all players are relative to you, both friend and foe (the color representing their team) which this allows you to appropriately hunt as well as run away. It also shows where items and mode-specific objects (flags or the bomber ball) to guide where you should go.
  5. Obituary notification area: Whenever you directly kill (not assist) a player, a message will show up here which informs of how the player died and any specific milestones.
  6. Impulse meter: You regain impulse when not using any parkour techniques.
  7. Health meter: You regain health except in survivor and duel modes. After 3 seconds of not taking damage, you will gain 5hp every second.
  8. Weapons- These are the weapons that you currently hold. The weapon you have equipped will be enlarged. You will be prompted to choose two loadout weapons at the start of a match (which can be changed at any time). These are the main weapons in your arsenal, and the combination you choose will determine your play style. Around the map you will also find map items to use, and have default weapons.
  9. Objective status: If not in a deathmatch game, the objective status will be shown here. Specific modes will show different arrangements- defend and control will have multiple flags show which represent all the control points in the map and their status, for example.
  10. Mode/mutators: The icons here represent the mode and mutators of the match.