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The beginner's guide covers tips about game modes and weapons, basic controls and hud elements.

Game modes

Most matches of Red Eclispe are played with two competing teams and a time limit. When the match ends, the team with the highest score wins.

Deathmatch.png One way to score points is to finish off enemies, while killing team mates or blowing up yourself is penalized with point loss. This is the heart of the Deathmatch (DM) game mode.

Players can score bonus points according to the deathmatch scoring system. Team scores in other modes than Deathmatch are objective based.

Capture.png Capture-the-flag The aim of the popular CTF game mode is to get both flags to your base. Defending the flag in your own team's base is a good strategy for beginners, as defenders get a powerful buff, and can stay just where they respawn.
Defend.png Defend-and-control Use the radar to find and defend control points secured by your team. Be sure to avoid killing team mates that are defending a control point. Overthrowing enemy control points may be more challenging than defending yours.
Bomber.png Bomber-ball Locate the bomber-ball using the radar and deliver it to the enemy base. When you carry the ball, hold the F key to lock on team mates. Release F to pass the ball and reset the timer before the ball detonates!

Further game modes are map editing and race. A large array of general or mode specific mutators offers a wide variety of additional or alternate game rules.

Weapons overview

Usually, all players are equipped with a pistol, a claw and two chosen loadout weapons, while additional explosives can be collected in the arena. Each weapon has its strategic purpose and advantages, but some weapons may be better suited for beginners than others.

Spawn Pistolcol.png Pistol Do not forget your pistol. It may have a small clip size, but it can be a deadly weapon.
Clawcol.png Claw Works best for advanced movement techniques. You can discard (skip) this weapon in the options menu.
Loadout Swordcol.png Sword The sword is not quite beginner-friendly, as it requires good movement skills to be used effectively.
Shotguncol.png Shotgun Recommended. Works best at close range and reloads automatically.
SMGcol.png SMG The sub-machine-gun is straight forward to use, but beginners may have a hard time killing enemies.
Flamercol.png Flamer Recommended. Trick jumps are hard to master, but it is easy to hit enemies with flames and air blasts. The latter cannot hurt team mates and even extinguishes flames.
Plasmacol.png Plasma Beginners should be careful with the plasma's alternate fire mode, as it is typically used to block enemy pathways, and can be a major annoyance for team mates.
Zappercol.png Zapper Recommended. A great support weapon with limited damage potential, but very effective to slow down enemies and friends alike.
Riflecol.png Rifle A great choice for those with a good aim, but needs practice to master.
Explosives Grenadecol.png Grenade Can instantly kill at any range, but requires good timing and aim to be effective.
Minecol.png Mine Be careful when placing mines in your team's base. Team chat can be useful to ask or warn team mates.
Rocketcol.png Rocket Although the rocket has a large area of effect, it still requires some aim and timing to be used effectively.
Meleecol.png Melee Simply jump at an enemy and press Q. Works well in conjunction with close range weaponry.



Move forward W
Move backward S
Strafe left A
Strafe right D
Jump Spacebar
Crouch Left shift
Walk Left ctrl


Primary fire Right mouse button
Secondary fire Left mouse button
Cycle weapons Mouse scroll wheel
Kick Q (in air)

Basic Parkour

Boost Spacebar while moving in air
Impulse jump Stop moving as you boost.
Impulse dash Spacebar & W/A/S/D (in air), double tap W/A/S/D (on ground)
Wall kick Q (in air) facing straight at wall
Wall run Q (in air) facing parallel to wall
Wall climb Q (in air) facing perpendicular to wall, looking upward (or downward)
Slide Shift after landing on the ground/when dashing

Red Eclipse features a parkour system that allows players to do certain moves which are both fun and useful in games. Using techniques requires impulse, a form of energy that automatically regenerates over time (more-so when you're not moving and crouching). Parkour mainly revolves around the "Q" key. There are many moves with variations that can help in fighting your opponents, as well as run away from them. Knowing all the few impulse moves can be greatly beneficial in matches.


Change team Dot ".",F7
Change loadout weapons Comma ","
Maps menu F3
Vote menu F4
Enter spectator mode Home
Scoreboard Tab
Main menu Escape


Pick up/Interact E
Suicide K
Throw flag/ball F
1 Select pistol (spawn weapon)
2, 3 Select your chosen loadout weapons
4, 5, ... Select further weapons (e.g. explosives)

Note: These are the default controls. Check out the keybinding section for instructions on how to change them.


The default HUD in-game with annotation numbers explained below (temporary image)

  1. Message area: As well as kills and assists, other match events such as the capturing of flags are displayed.
  2. Team icon: FFA games have no teams (neutral). Otherwise, games will have 2 teams (Alpha and Omega) or if the multi mutator is selected, 4 teams (Alpha, Omega, Kappa and Sigma) which is indicated here.
  3. Special kill notifications area: When you achieve special milestones in a match a message will display here.
  4. Crosshair/Radar: The crosshair shows how much ammo you have in your current clip. The radar allows you to see where all players are relative to you, both friend and foe (the color representing their team) which this allows you to appropriately hunt as well as run away. It also shows where items and mode-specific objects (flags or the bomber ball) to guide where you should go.
  5. Obituary notification area: Whenever you directly kill (not assist) a player, a message will show up here which informs of how the player died and any specific milestones.
  6. Impulse meter: You regain impulse when not using any parkour techniques. Slower movement and crouching speeds up impulse regeneration.
  7. Health meter: You regain health except in survivor and duel modes. Health regeneration restores 5hp per second, but is interrupted for 3 seconds whenever you take damage.
  8. Weapons- These are the weapons that you currently hold. The weapon you have currently equipped will be shown with a larger icon. Note the numbers shown here correspond to hotkeys.
  9. Objective status: If not in a deathmatch game, the objective status will be shown here. Specific modes will show different arrangements- defend and control will have multiple flags show which represent all the control points in the map and their status, for example.
  10. Mode/mutators: The icons here represent the mode and mutators of the match.