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Enabling Grass

First, you want to make sure you can actually see grass. To do this, enable grass in the graphics options or type this at the console:

/grass 1

Take note that it may drop your framerate slightly depending on how much grass is visible in the current view. You may want to lower (or increase) the distance as to which grass is rendered by using the grassdist setting.

/grassdist 128

Adding grass to a map

Grass applied to a texture

To add grass to a map, select a texture surface in the editor, and use the command setgrass followed by the path to a grass texture.

/setgrass textures/grass.png

Applying grass to a random texture might look strange, so look for a fitting texture that the grass will be growing out of. For example we might use, wicked/wickedmoss01.png because it blends nicely with the colours of textures/grass.png.

You will now see grass growing from the chosen texture.

Advanced Method

Add the command texgrass to a texture slot. To do this, open up your maps config in a text editor and apply this example to the end of a texture slot:

texgrass "<agrad:0,0.2>textures/grass.png" 

The agrad flag takes two values as an argument, this is a range for controlling the alpha gradient of the grass texture. A good starting value is 0,0.2, try tweaking it, the higher the value -- the more transparent the alpha gradient becomes.

Add this example to the map config:

setshader bumpspecmapparallaxworld
texture c "wicked/wickedmoss01.jpg" 0 0 0 0.250000
texture n "wicked/wickedmoss01n.jpg"
texture z "wicked/wickedmoss01z.jpg"
texture s "wicked/wickedmoss01s.jpg"
texgrass "<agrad:0,0.2>textures/grass.png"

Find the new texture slot in the texture browser and apply it to a cube surface.

Modifying the grass

Grass applied to a texture, with the grassblend value lowered.

There are several things you can do to change the grass and how it appears in your map including the way it moves.


A customized grass texture using nobiax/grass01, height adjustment, and the colour changed.
sets the color of grass as RGB values (ex. /grasscolour 100 255 100)
sets the height of grass
sets the transparency of grass
how big the grass will be


the delay at which the grass sways back and forth
the higher the value, the higher the grass will sway

Available Textures

Currently (as of svn 6942) there are 9 grass textures available.



Tips & Ideas

  • A blendmap can be used to draw grass with a brush.
  • Who says that a grass texture needs to be grass?
  • Try not to make grass the dominant feature of a map, remember that some players will have the setting turned off.
  • Using a surface texture with similar colours to the grass texture will make the grass appear more dense.
  • Use grass sparingly, a large open field full of grass will impact performance more greatly than a patch of grass.
  • Only one type of grass can be used per map.