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To submit a bug report that concerns a crash to the Red Eclipse Team, it is helpful to have a backtrace.


On Windows, it is easiest to use Code::Blocks+mingw to compile a debug binary.

In Code::Blocks, click File->Open and navigate to the Red Eclipse folder on your computer, then open the sub folder named src. Open the redeclipse.cbp file. This is the project file for Red Eclipse. Go to Debug -> Start. Code::Blocks will then begin compiling a debug binary, and once finished open a Red Eclipse window. Replicate the crash, causing a window to appear showing a stack trace. Right click this and copy to clipboard. Paste the backtrace with a description of what you did to cause the crash to the Red Eclipse forums.


On Linux-based systems, you can use GDB to get a backtrace:

First you must compile with debug symbols:

make -Csrc clean && CXXFLAGS=-ggdb3 make -Csrc

Then run with GDB:

gdb src/redeclipse_linux

Inside GDB, to start Red Eclipse:


Once Red Eclipse has crashed, GDB will catch this and present a prompt. At this prompt run:

bt full

This will produce a backtrace, copy and paste this to the Red Eclipse forum.