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Red Eclipse Team

Team Lead

Quinton "Quin" Reeves Lead Developer Gameplay and AI Code/Design, Community Management
Lee "Eihrul" Salzman Lead Programmer / Advisor Cube 2 Backports, Support, Speed Improvements, Encouragement

Team Members

Kevin "Hirato" Meyer Timmy Development Assistance, Design and Testing
Joshua L. "Verbalshadow" Blocher Artist Some source artwork, Design and Testing
Kurt "Kurtis84" Kessler Artist Textures, Design and Testing
Rémi "LuckystrikeRx" Clouet d'Orval Artist Maps, Textures, Models, Weapons, Design and Testing, Website, Trailer
Jonathan "W!ck3d" Roels Artist Maps, Textures, Design and Testing
Derek "Favorito" Ponicki Artist Maps, Textures, Design and Testing
Jeroen "appleflap" Boukens Collaborator Textures, Design and Testing
Martin "arand" Werner Collaborator Documentation, Legal Drafting, Cross-Distribution Support, Open Source Compliance Checks, and much more.
Mike "mikeplus64" Ledger Artist Maps, Models, Weapons, Textures, HUD, Design and Testing
Derek "JoJo" Stegall Artist Maps, Models, Textures, HUD, Sound FX, Design and Testing
Jonathan "Ulukai" De Nil Artist Maps (ares, conflict, canals), Testing, Support
Jeff "Architect" Cope Collaborator Design and Testing
Slawek "VibrantWave" Blauciak Artist Ambient Sounds
"SkiingPenguins" Artist Skyboxes
"fluxord" Artist Crosshairs
Stefan Norman and Peter McInerney Hosting Master and Game server hosting


  • "w00p|dazza"
  • Corey "c0rdawg" Maher
  • Rob "Lloir" Shannon
  • Henrik "ahven" Pihl
  • Robert "Homicidal" Crane
  • Wayne Bennett
  • Cameron "Rhubarb" Dawdy
  • Christopher "paroneayea" Webber
  • Mark "xtort-" Doodeman
  • Vadim Peretokin
  • Taiyo Rawle
  • "CD Xbow"
  • "FearFighter"
  • Daniel "Imerion" Eriksson
  • Furor
  • Gaming Tilt
  • Nick "Fatal_Glory" Watts
  • Robert Winkler
  • "fbt"
  • Eddie "skedz4u" Webb
  • "4rson"
  • Christopher "Dratz-_C" Dratz