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Red Eclipse features a Capture the Flag game mode, which is usually present in a first person shooter game. The mode is as it sounds - the players group into teams, with one flag position for each team, while the objective is to steal enemy teams' flags and bring them to the own flag base. The action of bringing other team's flag to your base is referred to as 'capturing' the flag. Capturing is only possible if own flag is in its place and not stolen by an enemy team player, otherwise in order to capture, first the own flag has to be brought to the base.

The impulse moves feature of the game brings an additional dimension to this mode, as the player will have many strategies to choose from in order to reach the objective. Players may choose to take the flag and forcefully go through enemy teams' players to reach their own base, or choose other, non-obvious ways to reach their base without being spotted by the enemy, using parkour moves to travel via less-known paths.


Generally, the objective is obvious, the players reach enemy base, steal the flag and try to take it to their own base while not being killed. The amount of teamwork needed for this mode varies from map to map. Usually, little teamwork is needed if the team has one very good player that will unbalance the game score. Also, different mutators might require coming up with a unique strategy for Capture the Flag games.


The situation where both teams hold the enemy flag near their own base will be referred to as 'standoff'. That poses a dilemma for a player that has just brought an enemy flag to his own base and found out that his team's flag is missing - either to assist his team in returning the flag and risk losing the enemy flag, or hide and wait for his team to retrieve the flag and score upon retrieval. When a standoff is broken on a large map, meaning a team player got hold of his team's flag near the enemy base, it might be faster to throw the flag into lava/abyss and wait for it to reset rather than go all the way and bring the flag back.


This is an unofficial name for an observed tactic - when one player steals the enemy flag, another player stays near the enemy flag point and waits for the flag to reset upon capture, just to steal again. Very frustrating when executed on a less experienced team of players. Having a good defense might help avoid this situation.


Protecting the team's flag is important, for obvious reasons. There are multiple ways of doing that, among them are mining the flag, patrolling the general flag area, and kamikaze - suicide while holding a grenade. Kamikaze'ing is very effective when the attacking force is only one player, and very easy to execute: standing with a grenade near the flag and committing suicide just when the attacking player grabs it. One must be careful not to explode too early, and not die before the attacker grabs the flag. Also, if the attacking force is more than one player, kamikaze is not advised, since the remaining attackers will be able to steal the unprotected flag before the kamikaze re-spawns.


Staying close to the flag gives the players an increase in defense, regeneration rate, attacking power and maximum health. These altogether are usually referred to as the buff. The buff is on even if the flag is not on the home base, meaning that a player can carry the flag and buff his teammates. Apart from making the job easier for the defending players, the buff opens up a possibility for another tactical maneuver - bringing the flag closer to the front line, possibly even to the enemy base. While obviously being very risky, bringing the flag to the enemy brings the buffed attacking players as well. Risky maneuvers are usually advised against, but might come in handy when losing by one point at the end of the round. The risk is lowered if there is a place to safely drop the flag near the enemy base, meaning the team can rush in buffed and then drop the flag to reset it.


This mutator leaves the players with 1HP, meaning one hit/shot/slice will be the death of the player. On some maps players would find secret or less known ways of bringing the flag home, so they don't get instantly killed, since a player cannot sacrifice some of the HP in order to steal the enemy flag, like they can in vanilla Capture the Flag.


Multi mut.png
This mutator features 4 and not 2 teams, each team with its own color of the flag. Since there rarely are enough players to be evenly divided into four teams, bots fill in the teams that don't have enough players. The general strategy is to pick on a weaker team, for example one that has more bots, or one that has a weaker player. Also players should consider the team bases that are closer to their base geographically.


Free for All is not possible due to the team nature of Capture the Flag mode.


Usually, bots lack the tactics needed to both steal the flag and reach safely their own base, so that when there are more of them than the human team, they perform poorly even against weaker players.


This is a confusing mutator, new players might struggle to grasp the tactics needed first times they play. Survivor means if a player is killed, he will not be respawned until either all his human teammates are killed, or a flag has been captured. One common tactic element is to suicide when the player is the last one of his team, because then all the teammates are brought back into the game. One point is gained each time a capture has been made, and players and flags reset after that.


Multi mut.png
Adding Multi mutator brings two more teams into play. At each round it is possible to capture once each color of the flag, and a capture ends the round. This means that it is possible to gain up to 3 points for a team at one round, if one member gathers all three enemy flags and brings them to the base. One strategy might be to try to gather enemy flags and give them to one teammate, since after the first flag is captured, all the flags and teams are reset, and if a teammate was holding another enemy flag, it is a lost point.


Another mutator, exclusive for this mode is 'Defend'. In this mode, the flag can only be carried by the enemy team, and if dropped, must be defended until the timer resets and the flag flies back to its base. Scoring is more rare under this mutator than others, and the usual situation is the standoff. Moreover, dropped flag is not easy to defend, as it's helpless against the enemy team players, and it is relatively easy stealing again. One common strategy is to try to lure the opponent with the flag to a place that's easier to defend and/or well-hidden from others, otherwise even if the flag is dropped, it may be grabbed again very quickly. One more strategic element for this mutator is that whether the player chooses a defensive style and try to prevent the enemy team from grabbing the flag, or the offensive style, trying to help steal the flag, there are two locations that need to be regarded - the base and the flag itself. For example, once the flag is defended successfully and reset to the home base, it's helpless against enemy players right away, and the defending players who fended off the attacks might be far from the base. On the other hand, in regular CTF games, the defending player gets to carry the flag after a successful defensive maneuver.


Not to be confused with Defend, to score under this mode-exclusive mutator, the enemy flag needs to be carried for 15 seconds, continuously. Dropping the flag resets the timer, while passing it to other teammates doesn't. It is advised to pick up one's own flag at first priority for the defending players, since it makes the attacking force's job harder, even though one less player is buffed. Agility and mobility are very important qualities for this mutator. Here, both attacking and defending players holding the flag can maneuver away from the enemy and efficiently protect their flag, or score. For example, team bases on the map called Linear feature two very high poles, that are hard to climb on. An experienced parkour player can steal the flag and hang out on these poles until the timer runs out, scoring a capture, and repeating the process. Just like the Blitzkrieg, this could be very frustrating, having an enemy at home base, scoring points continuously.


Under this mutator there will be no radar and no health regeneration at all. Because of the lack of regeneration, it is sometimes useful to suicide and start anew near the flag. Also, without the radar players have to be more vigilant and expect attacks from all the frontiers. Additionally, teammates should communicate more, as they can't see each other on the radar as well.