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Capture.png Capture the enemy team's flag and return it to your base while defending your own flag from capture. Secure both flags at your base to score a point, the team with the most points at the end wins!

tips & strategy

  • Secure your own team's flag by pressing F to make stealing it more difficult and defending it simpler.
  • You can drop a flag at any time by pressing F. Drop your team's flag into lava or an open abyss to reset it back to the base.
  • Remember, defending your own flag is as important as stealing the flag from the enemy. Choose which role you will play and try to stick to it for at least half the match.
  • Beware of players who hold grenades in defending positions near a flag. Draw them away with your shots or bring a flamer to put out flames.
  • Being in close proximity of your team's flag will add to both your attack and defense, as well as buff your max health and health regeneration.
  • Use impulse boosts and parkour tricks to steal the flag and make your escape more efficiently.
  • In Multi Capture-the-Flag make your target the weakest team, remembering you can carry up to 4 flags!
  • In Survivor Capture-the-Flag, if you are the last player alive on your team and at a disadvantage, press K to suicide and respawn your teammates.
  • In Multi-Survivor Capture-the-Flag, up to three points may be gained per round. Try to gather several flags and capture them all at once!
  • In Defend Capture-the-Flag, lure the opponent holding your team's flag into an easily defendable location to successfully reset the flag.
  • In Protect Capture-the-Flag, press Q to use cunning parkour maneuvers and evade the enemy team long enough while holding their flag.

For more detailed tips, see the in-depth guide about Capture Strategy.

mode-specific mutators


Capturequick.png Touching your own team's loose flag will instantly teleport it back to your base,

instead of having to escort it there on foot.


Capturedefend.png When your flag is taken from your base, you cannot pick it up.

You must protect it from where it's dropped until the timer resets.


Captureprotect.png Instead of scoring for returning an enemy flag to your base, you simply must

pick it up and hold onto it for 15 seconds to score. You may also carry your own flag around while seeking out others.

capture maps

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Note: Some content of these articles is also available via the in-game help menu (F1).