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Bomber.png Secure the bomber-ball and deliver it to the enemy base to destroy it, but watch the timer! If the timer runs out, the ball will explode and you with it. Press F to throw it before this happens, or hold F and lock target on a teammate to pass the ball, resetting the timer.

tips & strategy

  • Just as in Capture-the-Flag, being close to your team base provides a powerful buff that enhances attack, defense, health regeneration and max health.
  • One of the most important keys in Bomber-Ball is F. With it you can throw the ball before it explodes, throw it inside an enemey goal or pass it to teammates.
  • Holding F will lock target on the nearest teammate in the center of your sight, and releasing will pass the ball directly to them instead of a normal throw (regardless of how far away they are from you).
  • Pointing directly up in the air and throwing the ball can often allow you to catch it easily again, while defending the point where it will fall. This is especially useful in Free-for-All Hold Bomber-Ball.
  • In FFA Hold Bomber-Ball, throwing the ball away into lava or a chasm will give you a chance to get it back if enemies are near you.

mode-specific mutators


Bomberhold.png Instead of bringing the ball to a goal, you earn points in this mutator by holding the ball as long as

possible. Killing an enemy will reset the explode timer. The ball will still explode when the timer runs out however, resulting in drastic point loss, so throw it away or pass it to a teammate before this happens!


Bomberbasket.png Instead of bringing the ball to the goal on foot, you absolutely must throw it in to score.

You also must be far enough away from the goal before attempting a shot!


Bomberattack.png One team spawns with the ball at their goal while all others try to prevent the

team from scoring at another goal. Afer a set time, the roles are switched.

bomber maps

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Note: Some content of these articles is also available via the in-game help menu (F1).