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Two years in the making, Red Eclipse is back for the biggest release yet; v1.5 "Aurora Edition".


We've been working hard on all areas of the game, improving weapon balance, refining the user interface, and helping new players learn the game. Included in this release is our new auto-updating mechanism, designed to keep you running the latest improvements and freshest maps.

This release is also our first release as a true community built game. With a recent move to GitHub, the project is now openly developed, allowing everyone to contribute to the game we all love in a format where everyone gets a say (and learns how to contribute at the same time). If you feel like you'd have something to contribute, come see us in action!


Game mechanics and modes

  • Increased weapon spread when in air / impulsing.
  • Better physics and bounce sounds for affinities (flags/points/bombs).
  • Footstep sounds, hear people approaching!

User interface

  • Ability to send a message to a specific player with "whisper".
  • Slicker menus, tips and rollover help text.
  • Easy in-game access to our IRC chat channel.
  • Scoreboard redesign and better colouring.
  • Detailed in-game help menu with strategy tips for all game modes and mutators.
  • Search filters to find servers and players, maps, variables and commands.

New data assets

  • New model for control points used in Defend-and-Control and Bomber-Ball.
  • New wakawaka sound.
  • Added texture set by Unnamed.
  • Added lava texture by Nobiax, applied in maps Hinder, Nova, Tower

New main maps

New race maps

Retextured maps