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animated tree and RE: headache ;p

PostPosted: 24 May 2016 14:37
by Dziq
Im total blender noob, but in past week I learned a lot :ugeek: . Basically I want to create 'blast' animation for Quin, but first I need a help with something else.
Can someone jump in and tell why my palm tree, when used in RE, animate branches in the wrong axis ? In Blender or Iqe-browser everything is all right, but in RE animation is messed (branches should move in vertical axis, not in horizontal)

In attachment you can find my latest .blend file and exported .iqe's from it. Also there is a ready to use model for RE made from these 'iqe files.

So what I'm missing ? I'm unaware of something probably, so really I need help since I'm don't know what I'm doing bad for now :)

PS: yay! my 100 post , time to drink for that :p

Re: animated tree and RE: headache ;p

PostPosted: 24 May 2016 22:21
by ShaneRoach
No one I know of knows what's up with the conversion from blend to iqe. Just from the problem you describe, it would seem something is being misplaced in conversion concerning the axes.

You're actually ahead of me though in that you have an actual animation in iqe format, so bless you if you figure this out.

Re: animated tree and RE: headache ;p

PostPosted: 25 May 2016 00:40
by Dziq
I don't know whats going on. . maybe exporter is broken or dont working good with my version of Blender. . probably only author of these exporters can give an answer here, we badly need more info and add it to wiki(?).
another thingy, in RE my tree is messed totally, animations are wrong, vertex groups are assigned to wrong bones too. Just look at upper part of the trunk in RE, its moves to sides even when should not move at all..

Re: animated tree and RE: headache ;p

PostPosted: 25 May 2016 01:16
by ShaneRoach
I'm sorry I'm not more help. My focus is on learning to model just now.

Depending on how determined you are, you could take a look at the code for the converter and at the iqe and blend files. That's a heavy duty technical task though. :-S

Sometimes, priorities... lol. It does me little good to know how to convert the files if I can't even make a decent model, so for now I am focused on modeling. Quin has said a couple of times now he has plans to try to get more informed on the matter of porting things back and forth between RE and Blender and/or other 3d formats.

Another thing I keep daydreaming about is porting RE to the Blender game engine. As soon as I get through with my current male model sculpt, I am going to move toward rigging it, and I may as well rig an RE model while I'm at it as well. I have a plain jane landscape I intend to sort of continually improve and use to start experimenting with the BGE once I get all that done, so...

I wish I were smarter. =)

Re: animated tree and RE: headache ;p

PostPosted: 25 May 2016 14:22
by Unnamed
So the problem is that the animation looks different in RE than in blender?
I'm not sure about this, but I noticed some other things:
First of all, 200 frames are quite many. Most animationa have less than 40 frames. RE will interpolate between the frames, you know?
The leaves have one-sided faces, so you won't see them from the underside.
You made two different UV maps and use these in the iqm.cfg file instead of mesh names. That won't work. You have to create two meshes "leaves" and "trunk" instead. I'm not even sure if iqm supports multiple UV maps per mesh.

Re: animated tree and RE: headache ;p

PostPosted: 25 May 2016 16:29
by Dziq
I'm fairy sure that exporter split object into two meshes when two materials are assigned to one mesh in Blender, so this is not a problem. maybe really there is a limitation to frames. also there is a mdlcullface (or something like that to display backfaces in RE)
EDIT: I tried with two meshes as Unnamed stated and resulting iqe file is without any changes, so separate leaves and trunk is not needed. Also I reduced frames to 20 and problem still persist. Unnamed, RE interpolate between keyframes you mean? (not frames) , but nevermind.

probles lies within engine or bad exporter. I need to check other versions later. for now vertex groups and animaton movement is totally broken. I searched many sites and problem don't exists in other games that support iqm format (or nobody wrote about it) so really only Eihrul can help here.. I'm lost many hours fiddling with that and I losing hope to resolve my problem..