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How can I bind a specific key to a specific weapon?

05 Dec 2017 18:51

Firstly thank you for sharing this amazing game with us!!!
I absolutely love it.

Lets say I pickup a mine, and then a grenade.
Then I bind mines to X and grenades to C.
If I run out of mines and grenades, or I die and respawn.
Then I pickup a grenade, then a mine. Now X will be bound to grenades and C will be bound to mines.

I find it impossible to play like this, so I end up not picking up grenades because it's too confusing when my key bindings swap around all the time.

Is there a way I can bind a specific weapon to a specific key regardless of what order I pick them up in or what weapons I'm holding?

Re: How can I bind a specific key to a specific weapon?

05 Dec 2017 20:19

You can use numbers (which are automatically assigned to each weapon you pick) for faster or more precise weapon selection, you can see the numbers on the weapon icon on the right side of the HUD. If you want to bind use the bind field which you can find on options > controls > advanced

Re: How can I bind a specific key to a specific weapon?

06 Dec 2017 13:23

Thanks, that's useful to know about the advanced bind menu.

I did some more testing and found that I can bind X to mines and C to grenades, and they will work reliably regardless of the order which I pick up mines or grenades.

However the problem remains where for example if I bind mines to X, grenades to C and the rocket launcher to V. If I don't have mines and grenades, and I press X or C it will switch to the rocket launcher.

In other games, if a particular weapon is empty, pressing the button for it doesn't do anything, which is my preferred behavior.

I'm fairly happy with it at this point :)
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