[RACE/REMIX]Rotated racing.

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[RACE/REMIX]Rotated racing.

Postby SniperGoth » 25 Oct 2017 20:29

What if one decided to simply rotate a race map, or even a deathmatch map, and transform it into another version for the Racing mode?
So i put this idea in practice, and came up with the following rotated maps :

Testchamber-Rotated: Your everyday race map transformed into a impossible mass of frustration. Mastery of the Claw is required to finish this.

Center-Rotated: Do you like big maps? I hope you do, because with this rotated version, you will need to find your way through varions and various paths to reach the goal (Omega Base).

Hinder-Rotated: Lava everywhere, but not as hard as the other two.

There were of course some slight modifications, mostly on Hinder-rotated, but they don't change the overall map.
We will see more rotated versions in the future (when i test a map to see if it Works, it will be posted here), but for now, these are enough :lol: .

Testchamber-Rotated : Brutal
Hinder-Rotated: Medium
Center-Rotated: Hard
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Re: [RACE/REMIX]Rotated racing.

Postby qreeves » 28 Oct 2017 03:35

Hahaha +1
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Re: [RACE/REMIX]Rotated racing.

Postby bonifarz » 28 Oct 2017 19:38

Hey, that's pretty cool...
The concept reminds me of twisted, and it is so much fun to playtest more such maps. Though, I admit that I never got your claw trick that seems to be a requirement for climbing that test chamber.
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