[MAP] The Right Side [REMOVED by the author]

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[MAP] The Right Side [REMOVED by the author]

Postby LoxForever » 13 May 2017 19:10

This map will no longer be available here and will be kept in another RedEclipse fork.
Reason: RedEclipse staff does not like or support the integration of maps made by users in future versions of the game and does not have sufficient funds to continue the development of the game.
Note: content removal is a map author decision, unwillingly after weeks of discussion.
Questa mappa non sarà più disponibile qui e sarà mantenuta in un altro gioco indipendente simile a RedEclipse.
Motivazione: il personale non amministrativo di RedEclipse non gradisce nè supporta l'integrazione di mappe fatte dall'utenza nelle future versioni del gioco e non dispone di fondi sufficienti per continuare lo sviluppo del gioco.
Nota: la rimozione del contenuto è una decisione dell'autore della mappa, presa a malincuore dopo settimane di discussione. Gli utenti italiani che desiderano ulteriori chiarimenti possono contattarmi in privato, a tutela dell'immagine del progetto.


Hello Red Eclipse lovers!

Right Side

Description (scroll down for screenshots and download)

A huge storehouse in constant movement, owned by the super-secret organization Cicada 3301.
This is a huge, enigmatic and complex map for intermediate and experienced players. Expert snipers and SMG users are advantaged. The map is well balanced for up to 24 players and 5 different teams*: all teams have access to different weapons and tactic scenarios.
This map supports all modes except race and all game-play mutators and have no gravity alterations, but features blendmaps, complex architecture and complex light effects, complex animations/movement effects, custom textures, jumpers, environmental hazards, on-player lights, geek easter-eggs and much more.
This map supports bots and they are lethal and very fast, but only if they are 6 or more for each team.
This map supports turrets and grunts, enable them with the onslaught mutator.
This map supports vampire mode and resize mode, use it in CTF or DAC modes for an easier gameplay.


I've put some efforts to make an eye-candy environment, but the screenshots do not reflect them. Try the map, it's only 3.3 Mb. ;-)

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image
hosting immagini

Supported modes

This map supports all fight-based game modes and offers all weapons except rocket launcher (owned only by grunts*), electric gun and shotgun, thus requires precision, tactic and teamwork.
The config file enables on-player lights by default and you should keep them enabled.


* DM - Deathmatch (Hard) / Deathmatch with Classic mutator (Very Hard) / Deathmatch with vampire+resize mode (Normal)
* DAC - Defend and control (Very hard) / Defend and control with vampire+resize mode (Hard)
* CTF - Capture the Flag (Normal) / Capture the Flag with vampire+resize mode (Easy)
* BB - Bomber ball (Extreme) / Capture the Flag with resize mode (Extreme) / Capture the Flag with vampire+resize mode (Hard)

(the difficulty is for 4 teams with bots and at least 12 players)

Technical requirements, credits and DOWNLOAD

This map uses texture occlusion to allow a fair gameplay between players with different hardware resources, but is aimed to gamers with high-end hardware.
Disable reflections, animations and texture effects to boost your FPS.

Tips and tricks to stay alive:
  • shot with the SMG on the barrels to execute lethal and unpredictable shots that will kill ambushed enemies, even from a distance;
  • this map has 3 floors, take cover on the top floor and launch grenades from there without cooking them;
  • you will distinguish the adversary teams from their on-player light in the distance: take your laser rifle and shot them in the head;
  • hide and run away to recover your health if necessary, direct attacks are not a wise strategy;
  • there is a hidden ladder on the other side of the ruined ramp, execute a wall run and then jump on the opposite (white) edge to climb and reach the 2nd floor faster.

LORE: this map tells a story, examine your surroundings and zoom with the laser rifle to discover it. You might need to search DuckDuckGo (avoid Google :-P) and check the internal map files to understand the hidden clues.

First gameplay: the structure of the map is symmetrical but the wrecked environment imposes different tactics for each team: explore the map before attacking. The first thing to do is find the 2 jumpers on the 2nd floor and the grates at the center. You will find that a huge environment means that you will require some time to move from point to point: use the RE parkour tactics and plan you movement wisely to avoid open spaces and long corridors!

Installation: this map uses uncommon features to offer a better user-experience, thus requiring a special installation. Read right_side.txt under maps/ in the archive and follow the instructions.

Download now:

Have fun!

*RE can have limits on the maximum number of players/teams depending on its version, this is a theoretical limit for a balanced gameplay; also, grunts and turrets can be more resistant in future RE versions, this map will make them as dangerous as possible.
*after one shot they will become melee adversaries; this might change in future versions of RE.
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Re: [MAP] The Right Side

Postby qreeves » 14 May 2017 06:14

I think you might want to reconsider the amount you use the "bath tile" textures. They're square, boring, and turn people off the moment they see them.
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Re: [MAP] The Right Side

Postby LoxForever » 14 May 2017 10:59

qreeves wrote:I think you might want to reconsider the amount you use the "bath tile" textures. They're square, boring, and turn people off the moment they see them.

Thank you for your feedback.
This is the basic style of the map, however in Rev. 1 [end of May] I'll add details on the walls of the center hole and on the angles of the map. This will be a good occasion to reduce the global amount of tiles in the map, also influencing the "bath" tiles. :)
In Rev. 2 [June] I'll replace the "rusted metal" textures with HD versions, replace the classic barrels on floor 0 with modern alternatives and remove all unused textures to reduce the map size.
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