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[MOD] Molten Metal lava texture

05 Jan 2017 15:16

I tried to come up with a molten metal-like texture for the lava3 texture slot, to maybe be used in foundry/heavy industrial themed maps.
This was done with a lot of layering around with Gimp's Difference clouds and other things.
To use this texture in a map, just change the value "Texture lava3" to "Textures/lava3.jpg" on your map's cfg file (see screenshot 3).
I hope it's useful for everyone!
Might still need some tweaking on the color, but we'll see.
lava3 howto.png
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Re: [MOD] Molten Metal lava texture

17 Jan 2017 13:22

I definitelly like additions like that, its not so bad but... with glare it's overbright and overall I expected too much ;p
Its a way to make lava that glow constantly rather than pulsing all time ?

Re: [MOD] Molten Metal lava texture

17 Jan 2017 22:34

Yeah, it still needs tweaking, as even using a simple bloom of 0.1 is already overkill with the current texture :p
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