Sketchy mine physics

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Sketchy mine physics

Postby Bobbo » 15 Nov 2017 14:09

Having a little play with mines in kaboom I've noticed some weird things:

If you deploy mine2 and you're within certain range of where the mine lands, it won't ever trip on you. If you're outside of this range then it'll trip as soon as you touch it.
There is also a method to deploy mine2 in such a way that it is solid, which means you can actually stand on a mine2 that's attached to a wall, and even use them to climb (albeit a bit slowly and risky).

Consequences are a bit minor, outside of kaboom, but since you can stand on mine2 and when you know how to reproduce it, it's easy to use to save yourself from falling to their death or similar.

Waffley thoughts on what could be done:
The first part isn't so much of a problem, but imo they should never be solid objects (or rather, standing on them should cause them to blow up). Consistent behaviour (regarding the first point) would be nice but isn't really required. One possibility is to give them a short arming time, where they turn on X amount of time after being deployed (like, 500ms~1s or so, beam instantly covers the full range, instead of extending out like it does currently), although this would remove one of my favourite uses for mine2. It would be really nice if mines knew their owner and didn't trigger on them at all, though some may think this as being too easy as you could then use it to barricade places yet be able to pass through freely.
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