How to Spread Eclipse

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How to Spread Eclipse

Postby atatat » 04 Nov 2017 16:08

There's a huge amount of quality coding, art and music in this game. It should be more popular. Here are some ideas to advertise it, some of them my own, some collected from others.

Youtube Vids: We should make videos with words in the descriptions like "Best Free FPS" and "Great Parkour", so people who search for keywords other than "Red Eclipse" will see the game. This is really frikin important.

Social Media: Lets get more player engagement, create a Discord channel, maybe Reddit, Facebook or Twitter.

Steam: Some people might consider this a sellout, but look at how well Teeworlds has done.

Conventions: Can anyone represent Red Eclipse to the gamer community?

Word of mouth: Tell your friends!!

If we can get a certain level of engagement where multiplayer actually feels active, the game will self perpetrate.
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Re: How to Spread Eclipse

Postby qreeves » 05 Nov 2017 04:17

  • Youtube: I welcome help here. I already have a lot of work to do, so my Youtube presence is limited.
  • Social: We're on Facebook, Gamejolt, and have just recently established a sub-Reddit. There is a community Discord server, but I'm not fond of it and prefer our long established IRC channel.
  • Steam: I do plan on getting this done eventually, the dramatic changes to the visual quality and renderer in the development version are an effort to make sure we're presentable before doing this.
  • Conventions: This requires the person involved to have money, and I have none to spare. I don't think sending a bipolar person out in to the world would be a good idea anyway lol.
All that being said, quite a few Free and Open Source FPS games have ceased development, which has in turn lead to more people finding Red Eclipse (we've been at this for over ten years now!). We're actually seeing a growth in the community never before seen by us, and it is encouraging that we now have a real chance to capture an audience.
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Re: How to Spread Eclipse

Postby VoidTephlon » 14 Nov 2017 01:16

I am an Indie Youtuber and Indie streamer on Twitch and I would totally love to support the development of Red Eclipse. Ive been a fan of game ever since around 2008. Me and my friends first started playing AssaultCube and we moved onto Cube 2: Saur Justice Edition in 2010. I was so happy when the Justice Edition came out, cause it game me a reason to master the 30 new maps and use the new player models. I told everyone in the school and for months we would spend our lunches in the library running LAN servers through Hitachi, playing Insta-CTF on maps like Hallo, Tortuga, and Akroseum.

Reading around and talking to people on the IRC, Im noticing another game, Xonotic, that is evolution of Nexuiz. Which is amazing, cause I grew up playing Nexuiz too.

When I say support, I mean, Im going to be actively livestreaming Red Eclipse and would be happy to beta test new releases on my 2017 Mac.
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Re: How to Spread Eclipse

Postby acerspyro » 14 Nov 2017 21:26

Discord actually gets way more traffic than IRC ever got. Most people don't want to bother with installing an IRC client, connecting to a server, staying online to not miss out things. Discord is just all-around more convenient to use and keep yourself updated with than IRC for the average user.

Also, Red Eclipse is soft. You can spread it with a butter knife.
*screams internally*
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