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Iron sights?

13 Oct 2017 05:51

So last night I got an idea. I'm not sure whether it would be easy to implement or if people would even want it, though. Iron sights. This wouldn't replace secondary fire, per se. I was thinking of having iron sights mapped to a button (i.e. right mouse button) and having secondary fire mapped to another (i.e. middle mouse button). But, this feature is not necessary. What do you guys think?

Re: Iron sights?

13 Oct 2017 16:40

With the general speed of the game, i don't believe it could work, as that would be more of a disadvantage to the one that uses it, vs the others that are flying throgh the map hahah.
Unless it could improve the accuracy of the weapon, but we have crouching for that so... who knows.
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