[IDEA] Gamemodes - Assault, Zones & Gladiator

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[IDEA] Gamemodes - Assault, Zones & Gladiator

Postby Basil102 » 24 Feb 2017 09:18

I've recently gotten some ideas for new gamemodes we can add, based on the 'Assault', 'Zones' and 'Gladiator' gamemodes in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. In-case you don't know how these gamemodes work, allow me to explain each of them.

In 'Assault', there are two teams - the attackers (red) and the defenders (blue), who each spawn on opposite sides of a map. The attacking team's goal is to complete a set of objectives before time runs out, and the defending team's goal to prevent the attackers from completing their objectives. The defending team also gets some automatic turrets scattered around the map to aid them, though they can be destroyed relatively easily by the attackers.

In 'Zones', there's a red and blue team and 5 zones scattered across the map, initially under neither team's control. Each team fights for control over the 5 zones, and whichever team has control over the majority of the zones or all of them when time runs out, wins the game.

And 'Gladiator' is pretty much just a free-for-all deathmatch, but at the beginning of the game, a random player is chosen to be the gladiator. Being the gladiator means you are the only player who can earn points, but if someone kills you, then they become the gladiator. The player who has the most points at the end of the time limit or reaches the score limit, wins the game.

I think these gamemodes would be really great additions to the list of gamemodes in Red Eclipse, although perhaps the 'Zones' mode could have all four teams allowed and use flags for each of the zones, and 'Assault' could also have flags which need to be secured in a particular order instead of the objectives. But let me know what you all think. :D
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Re: [IDEA] Gamemodes - Assault, Zones & Gladiator

Postby SniperGoth » 24 Feb 2017 12:23

Aside from the gladiator concept, which in RE's case could be more of an Juggernaut mutator, as we already have an Gladiator mutator (The lower the health, the further you are sent when hit with the claw, think something like a first person Smash Bros), Assault is basically the Gauntlet mutator that you can find under bomberball/race modes, but there are currently 0 maps made specifically for it.
Zones is already in-game since a long time ago, see Defend-And-Control gamemodes and it's mutators for that.
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Re: [IDEA] Gamemodes - Assault, Zones & Gladiator

Postby Bobbo » 05 Mar 2017 13:27

I've wanted a juggernaut mutator for RE for a while, just not got around to making a forum post.

A lot of people (especially newer players) seem to struggle to work out it's not beneficial to kill random people who aren't bomb carriers in ffa-hold bomerball. I was hoping a juggernaut mutator would fix that.

Juggernaut would also easily work in team deathmatch, the juggernaut is a VIP-type role and the team with the juggernaut on only gets points, killing the juggernaut makes it swap teams.

I'm not sure how juggernaut could possibly work in CTF/BB/DTF/Race, so perhaps it'd be best as a mode specific mutator for deathmatch. On idea is again, maintaining the rule that you have to have the juggernaut on your team to score, but this may be making the requirements too hard to achieve and in some situations it's largely superfluous (e.g., hold bomberball). Another idea is they're some VIP, which give a small buff (kinda like flag buff, but less in magnitude) so having the juggernaut on your team is helpful, however this means different behaviour to deathmatch which isn't good.
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