[IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

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[IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

Postby TheRockyDoo » 18 Feb 2017 03:10

I was thinking about what we don't have got and I think it'll be great to have grenade launcher avaible in Red Eclipse. Of course it should be balanced with rest of the weapons.

My overall idea:
It should reload long time and only with few ammo (like 4 grenades per reload), also launched grenades should explode in lower range but you would be able to launch 4 in short time. Below is my early model without textures and simple pencil-drawn "concept arts".

Now this model has 868 faces but I'll remake it.


Colors of a weapon will be futuristic:
something like image below (or black and orange/red) - no matter which colors will be used - line (seen on concept sketches) will be glowing in the dark

What do you think about grenade launcher in Red Eclipse? Would it be something good or bad?
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Re: [IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

Postby zejak » 18 Feb 2017 08:00

Idea is quite nice,maybe make it use actual grenades as ammo?
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Re: [IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

Postby qreeves » 18 Feb 2017 09:28

While we appreciate the interest in further development, we do have a couple of general rules regarding new weapons; 1) it must not duplicate an existing weapon and should be unique in some way. 2) explosives are reserved for items and won't be accepted as a loadout weapon. With this in mind, you might like to review the results of the latest poll which has some ideas along with their general popularity with the community. Mind you, don't be too swayed by the results - I don't particularly think a crossbow is good choice as an "exciting new weapon".
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Re: [IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

Postby Iceflower » 18 Feb 2017 11:17

Great work!!
I really like it! Just the pink/ purple colour is, in my opinion, too similiar to the zapper.

I would really appreciate it if we would get a weapon like the plasma ball launcher in Sauerbraten... :roll:
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Re: [IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

Postby SniperGoth » 18 Feb 2017 22:42

Maaaybe it could shoot radioctive (sticks to the ground, Area-denial effect), or even freeze (slows your speed by lets say, 10%) rounds?
With the design you proposed (the pink concept art), personally i see that as a Railgun type of gun. Shoots hard, but takes time to reload.
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Re: [IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

Postby Dziq » 19 Feb 2017 00:34

I miss weapon like that in RE, thats why I mod Rocket Launcher to behave like normal weapon in my server (works as mortar and small rockets )..
I wonder what will emerge from this in future :), nice raw model btw
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Re: [IDEA] Grenade launcher as a new weapon in game

Postby IQrate » 21 Feb 2017 12:27

Nice, RE really needs some new things like new weapons
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