[Idea] Game Mode - Demolition

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[Idea] Game Mode - Demolition

Postby Zero » 11 Feb 2017 00:01

So.. Just a idea but most new fps games either have Deathmatch, Capture The Flag or Demolition. And our the most popular of other modes. This could be like bomberball. Just less irritating like having to pass the bomb back and forth. I made this game mode in Doom since they didn't have this mode stock. As soon as it was uploaded. It became popular and people even said in the match that they could see this taking off. Which reminds me I have to update the latest version now I'm in a area with unlimited net. :) Idea specs below.

Match Time : 3 Minutes

Team A (Offense) :
- Only has one c4/explosive/nuke that can be planted. (Takes 15/20 seconds to plant.)
- If c4 is picked up. A marker above player head shows who's holding the c4. Or on radar. Or Private team message.
- If c4 holder dies. The c4 is dropped at death location. This encourages team play by defending c4 holder.
- If c4 goes off Score goes to Team A.
- Must defend the site in which it was planted.
- If all team members of team A dies. Score goes to Team B.
- If c4 is planted yet all team A dies. Team B must defuse or score goes to team A.

Team B (Defense):
- Defends all sites. (A, B, and C)
- If c4 is defused. Defuse time say 15 Seconds or so. Score goes to Team B.
- If time runs out before c4 goes off or never planted. Score goes to Team B.

Planting and Defusing could be used by holding the "F" key for whatever amount of time.

I have it set in Doom so that if you're on Team A. And you planted the c4. A automated message pops up saying, "C4 planted at Site A" (Or whatever location.) Defend Site A! And this only goes out to a private message only to team A.

If on team B, it doesn't give team B the location of the c4 but gives off a beeping noise you can only hear from a short distance.

This would be much more fun to me then bomberball. Just using the affinity option, maybe more advance then what I'm thinking but then you could have sites A, B, and C. After a certain amount of rounds have teams switch sides.
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Re: [Idea] Game Mode - Demolition

Postby qreeves » 11 Feb 2017 02:17

These types of things work for Doom and even things like CounterStrike and TF2, but I think RE might be a little too hyperactive for something this involved.
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