Nokia map glitching

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Nokia map glitching

Postby Bobbo » 07 Feb 2015 17:00

Nokia on

Jetpack Capture the Flag on Center.

checkmaps reported no one was using modified versions, however consistently throughout the game he was using the broken wall on blue base side to break out of the map, and then use the jetpack to cross the map (as well as making captures while being underground).

He left after I sussed out what was going on and killed him with a rocket while he was inside the central building (3:26).

Demo attached, he starts pretty much straight away

Edit: He'd be voting jetpack center for the last two games prior (don't have demos, but someone from DOOM's IRC could confirm (2015-02-07, 16:20-17:00), so this was really intentional, imo
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Re: Nokia map glitching

Postby qreeves » 08 Feb 2015 02:33

I have banned the address, closing report.
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