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Place your secret RE voodoo incantations in good hands that won't tell anyone else.

Undocumented commands listed are not well understood; please document them if you know what they do

Edit Commands

/dtoutline 0/1 renders all non-occluded triangles 
/testpvs <int> tests number of potentially viewable surfaces 
/wireframe 0/1 renders everything in wireframe, with wires the color of the texture inside the square
/entediting 0/1 determines if entities get selected, useful to texture underneath/around mapmodels
/showmat 0/1 shows materials if enabled, allows selection of geometry behind materials if disabled
/maxmerge 0/1 sets the cube size where the remipper will end its geometry optimization; higher numbers lower the geometry quantity at the expense of poorer occlusion
/floatspeed <int> sets the editing and spectating fly speed

Gameplay commands

/teamalphaname <string> sets team alpha's name to <string>; default is 'alpha' (of course)
/teamomeganame <string> sets team omega's name to <string>; default is 'omega' 
/teamneutralname <string> sets team neutral's (ffa) name to <string>; default is 'neutral' 
/teamalphacolour <hex> sets alpha team colour to 0xRRGGBB
/teamomegacolour <hex> sets omega team colour to 0xRRGGBB
/teamneutralcolour <hex> sets neutral (ffa) team colour to 0xRRGGBB (this is what gives the ACE orange/green arenas their colours)
/gamepaused 0/1 determines if the game is currently paused; note that players can still rotate their FOV though their motion and ability to shoot are obviously disabled
/gamespeed <int> determines pace of game; 100 is default
/ffa <map> starts a ffa-deathmatch on <map>
/insta <map> | /instagib <map> starts an insta-deathmatch on <map>
/duel <map> starts a ffa-duel-hard-basic deathmatch on <map>
/ctf <map> starts a ctf match on <map>
/bb <map> | /bomber <map> starts a bomber-ball match on <map>
/dac <map> | /defend <map> starts a defend-and-control match on <map>
/race <map> starts a race match on <map>

Misc commands

/gpuskel 0/1 appears to be a gpu compatibility setting; on HD 7570 (Terascale 2) on r600/ mesa 17 leaving it enabled led to 10% better fps than disabling it; YMMV