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This page contains instructions you should take into account when migrating to Red Eclipse's development version.

Codename L

Version 2.0 (Codename L) is Red Eclipse ported to use the Tesseract rendering engine, and is the latest and greatest state of Red Eclipse.

Incompatible user settings

  • Mouse sensitivity scale has changed. Use this formula to calculate the new value: `new = old * 100 / 3`

Porting maps

  • Sunlights are imported from an entity to a set of variables, the importer takes all the entities and averages out their value to pick a new singular sunlight. You may need to adjust `sunlightyaw` and `sunlightpitch` to re-align the sunlight properly. For a visual indicator try: `/atmo 1; atmoblend 0.5` (remember to turn this off again if you don't want atmosphere effects).
  • More to come...