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loads 6 .jpg or .png images associated by name from the specified directory ex: /skybox skyboxes/gradient will load gradient_up.png gradient_dn ect.

/skycolour R G B

changes the color of the skybox ex: /skycolour 255 180 180

/yawsky #

sets the placement of the skybox (move the sun's placement)

/spinsky #

controls the speed at which the skybox turns


loads a specified image to tile as a cloud layer ex:/cloudlayer skyboxes/clouds01

/cloudheight #

-1: bottom of the skybox 1 top of the skybox

/cloudscale #

controls the scale of the cloud layer

/cloudscrollx #

controls the movement speed of the cloud layer on the x axis

/cloudscrolly #

controls the movement speed of the cloud layer on the y axis

/cloudlayercolor R G B

controls the color of the cloud layer

/cloudfade #

controls how the cloud layer fades around the edges

Importing Skyboxes

1.To create a map with a custom skybox (offline only), you can put them in your User Content Directory.

2.Navigate to the User Content directory "Username\My Documents\My Games\Red Eclipse" and create a new folder named "myskyboxes".

3.Place your six skybox images into this folder. Each of the six image names must end in a corosponding location ex:







4.Now, run Red Eclipse and open the map you would like to add your custom skybox to. After you've opened the map and are in edit mode, type the following: /skybox myskyboxes/newskybox

If you need help creating a skybox, check out a tutorial on Quadropolis