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Red Eclipse has a variety of different game modes to choose from, with mutators to further tweak the experience. This page gives an overview of all the available modes and mutators. For further information and game strategy, see Mutator Tips and the articles about each of the below game modes.


Editing.png Editing Make your own custom maps.
Deathmatch.png Deathmatch Kill other players to score points using the deathmatch scoring system. The player or team with the most points at the end wins!
Capture.png Capture-the-flag Steal the other team's flag and return it to your base, without letting them take yours, to score points. Players that defend or escort their flag benefit from a powerful buff, but not the flag carrier, who will move 10% slower.
Defend.png Defend-and-control Stand near control points to secure them. Each control point you hold brings in a steady stream of points. While defending a secured control point players receive a powerful buff. Before enemy control points can be secured, they are overthrown to a neutral state.
Bomber.png Bomber-ball Grab the ball and deliver to the enemy base to score, but watch your bomb timer - it will explode if you hold on to it too long. Pass it to your teammates (with the F key) to keep it going. If the other team holds it, kill the carrier or intercept it midair. Players defending their base get buffed.
Race.png Race Compete in a race for the most number of laps, carefully managing your limited impulse and executing various parkour moves.


Multi mut.png Multi Play with four teams instead of two.
Ffa.png FFA There are no teams, just every player for themselves in a free-for-all showdown. (Not available in CTF, DTF, or Gauntlet, and in Bomber Ball it implies the hold mutator)
Coop.png Coop All human players are forced onto the same team, battling against a team of bots...and there are more of them than there are of you.
Instagib.png Instagib Players spawn with 1 HP, so any hit is lethal. Unless medieval or kaboom is also selected, players only have rifles for weapons.
Medieval.png Medieval Players only have swords for weapons.
Kaboom.png Kaboom Players only have grenades and mines for weapons.
Duel.png Duel Only two players spawn at a time. Other players spectate the two fighting and wait their turn in line before playing again. Winner respawns the next round, loser goes to the back of the line. Beat your opponents the most to win the match.
Survivor.png Survivor Similar to duel, but all players spawn at once. Last player or team standing wins.
Classic.png Classic Instead of having a menu to select your weapons from, you spawn with only a pistol. The rest of the weapons can be found on the ground, scattered across the map.
Onslaught.png Onslaught Enemy drones and sentry turrets spawn in the maps while you fight against other players. If one of them kills you, you lose points!
Freestyle.png Freestyle Disables all impulse costs and the impulse count rule, so players can do unlimited parkour without even touching ground.
Vampire.png Vampire Dealing damage to opponents causes you to regain your own health.
Resize.png Resize As your health decreases, you get smaller and start slowing down, and the converse is true for gaining health. If combined with instagib, instead you get bigger every time you kill someone, until getting killed takes you back to normal size.
Hard.png Hard No regeneration and radar.
Pistolcol.png Basic No collectible items will spawn in the arena.

Mode-Exclusive Mutators

Capture the Flag

Capturequick.png Quick Touching your own team's loose flag will instantly teleport it back to your base, instead of having to escort it there on foot.
Capturedefend.png Defend When your flag is taken, you cannot return it. You must protect it from where it's dropped until the timer resets.
Captureprotect.png Protect You do not score for bringing a flag back to your base. Instead, simply pick up an opponent's flag and hold onto it for 15 seconds to score.

Defend and Control

Defendquick.png Quick Flags can be secured much more quickly. When capturing enemy points, they change directly to your color, instead of passing through a neutral "overthrown" state first.
Defendking.png King There is only one control point, usually in the middle of the map.

Bomber Ball

Bomberbasket.png Basket The ball must be thrown into the goal to score, using the F key at a minimal distance.
Bomberhold.png Hold There are no goals to drop the ball into. Instead, you get points for holding the ball as long as possible, but don't let the timer run out or you blow up and lose points! In this mode, the player holding the ball can kill opponents to reset the timer, allowing them to hold onto it longer.
Bomberattack.png Attack The ball spawns at a teams base and they attack for half the round, then it swaps over.


Racetimed.png Timed Compete for the fastest time completing a lap. The number of laps does not matter.
Raceendurance.png Endurance Disables impulse restoration on checkpoints and when respawning. Also slows down impulse recovery, so plan your route carefully.
Racegauntlet.png Gauntlet One team (blue/Alpha) races to reach the goal and score points, while the other team (red/Omega) tries to shoot them before they can get there. Teams switch off halfway through the match.

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Note: Some content of these articles is also available via the in-game help menu (F1).