Elysium Edition

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Red Eclipse v1.5.5 "Elysium Edition" comes with an array of exciting new features.

  • Statistics System


  • New spawn weapon and deathmatch mutators
  • new maps
  • New vanity items
    • witch hat, staff, pumpkin, glasses, cap and headphones
    • new slots for many more options to combine vanities
    • slot based menu for vanity selection

  • Rule improvements
    • Lost flags will reset right where the carrier left solid ground.
    • The rifle can now stay again in zoom mode
    • game votes can be for random maps

  • Engine improvements
    • Upgrade to SDL2
    • undo/redo and vslot (texture variations) support in multiplayer editing
    • better customization options for abilities and properties of bots
    • some new editing features, such as mapmodel spin and prefab previews

  • User interface
    • Improvements to the skin system
    • Complete overhaul of the editing menus with plenty of new mapping utilities
    • expansion of the options menus to conveniently customize the client
    • favs menu - save your favorite game selections for quick voting
    • many small improvements, such as bitfield support in the vars menu

To learn more about the previous release, Red Eclipse 1.5, see Aurora Edition.