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This page lists common control options for editing mode. For more information, check Editing Info. Also, look into Saving/Loading Maps for some other map-related commands.

Basic Editing Keybinds

Open Texture Palette F1 Key
Toggle Walk / Edit Mode F2 Key
Open Edit Menu F3 Key
Select Cube Face(s) Left Mouse Button (drag)
Add to Selection Right Mouse Button
Select Corner(s) Middle Mouse Button (drag)
Deselect all Spacebar
Create / Destroy Cube Mouse Scroll Wheel
Push / Pull Corner Hold Q Key + Place Edit Cursor on Corner + Scroll Mouse Wheel
Push / Pull Selected Face Hold F Key + Scroll Mouse Wheel
Delete selected entities and/or geometry Backspace Key
change entity properties Hold a Number Keys (1 to 9) + Scroll Wheel
Change the Size of the Grid Hold G Key + Mouse Scroll Wheel
Scroll through recent textures Hold Y key + scroll wheel
Undo Z Key
Redo O Key
Copy Selected Area C Key
Paste Selected Area V Key
Cut and paste on release Move the selection while holding the U key
Flip Selected Area X Key
Rotate Selected Area Per Selected Face Hold R Key + Mouse Scroll Wheel
Toggle Height Mapping mode H Key
Link Entities L Key
Select All Entities Within Selection Area N Key
Toggle Blank Geometry K Key
Toggle Material Volumes Plus Key (+)
Toggle Fullbright B Key
Cycle paste-grid / cursor Tab Key
Open Console Tilde Key (~), Forward Slash (/) or use the chat window (t)
Optimize Geometry (Remip) F4 Key
Patch Existing Lightmap F5 Key
Recalculate Lightmap Quickly F6 Key
Recalculate full Lightmap F7 Key
Save Map F8 Key
Cycle Geometry Outline Color F9 Key
Toggle Geometry Outlines On / Off Equals Key (=)
Open Console History F11 Key (Page Up/Page Down keys Scroll History)
Take Screenshot F12 Key (My Documents/my Games/Red Eclipse)
Quick Texture Menu (recent textures) Hold Y key + Scroll Wheel
Grab Texture From Selected Face J key
Apply Texture to Selected Faces Click the large Texture Preview Thumbnail
Toggle ALL FACES texturing style style Minus Key (-)
Toggle Texture Brush Modes P Key

Advanced Selection

/entfind selects all entities of a specific type within the map.

ex: /entfind light all lights

/entfind weapon 5 will select all of the weapon 5 entities within the map.

/entfindinsel selects all entities of a specific type within the selected area.

ex: /entfindinsel light will select all light entities within the selected area

key N
/entcancel deselects all entities while leaving area selected END Key

Online editing

/getmap fetch/update custom maps from the server Delete Key
/sendmap upload map to server, so others can fetch it Insert Key