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Cross compiling is the process of compiling code to run on a different platform than the platform running the compiler. For example, building a Windows runnable while running Linux is cross compiling. More on cross compilers on Wikipedia.

For Windows from GNU/Linux

  • Install mingw-w64 or equivalent, on a Debian-like system, this can be done via
sudo apt-get install mingw-w64
  • Compile for x86 and amd64 using the commands. Of course you need to obtain the source code before this step.
make -C src PLATFORM=crossmingw32 clean install
make -C src PLATFORM=crossmingw64 clean install
  • Note: If on Ubuntu 12.04, the package g++-mingw-w64 may also be required.

For GNU/Linux from Windows

  • Don't. Just don't.