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/dropwaypoints 0|1

0: no waypoints are dropped, default 1: waypoints are dropped while not in editing mode

/showwaypoints 0|1

toggles the visibility of the path that connects waypoints. Waypoints are always visible if they are being dropped.

/savewaypoints [s]

saves a .wpt file containing the current maps waypoints. The default waypoint file is saved as the current map's name. /savewaypoints custom-name will save a waypoint file as a custom name.

/loadwaypoints [s]

loads a .wpt file containing waypoints. A waypoint file matching the maps name is loaded by default. /loadwaypoints custom-name will load another waypoint file with a custom name.


Select the area in which the waypoints you want to remove are. Then use this command to delete the waypoints in the selected area. Note that waypoints spawn above terrain, not in terrain, so you may want to move your selection upwards.