[REVIEW] The little things matter

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[REVIEW] The little things matter

Postby swooboo » 23 Mar 2017 10:18

Hi everyone.

The muse came to me, pzapped me with a glorious inspiration wand, and told me that there is a mighty need (Zim reference) to write an awesome article on why Red Eclipse is the best game ever. Maybe this review should be migrated to 'Articles' forums, mods, please consider this. So, without further a due, here it goes:

I've been playing for many years now, even contributed a couple of lines of code to the game. This is my favorite computer game.

I work in a High Tech company, and whenever I have free time and idle brain cycles, I play RE. I love the game, and here I will state some of the reasons this is a perfect game for me.

First thing that comes to mind, is of course the sound one hears when he one-shots with the sniper rifle. It's like a little orgasm, a pingasm if you want. There's something really satisfying about that ping, and I love it. I believe everyone does, as I've heard it many times from other players. The SFX of this game is awesome, and I hope it develops even more. (Female voices, looking at you.)

Argh! Haha!
Another great example of an awesome SFX. The fact that one can produce a voice quickly while playing definitely contributes to the in-game experience. Got your flag captured? Argh! 360 no-scoped somebody in an instagib game? Haha! Other examples for glorious SFX - shotgun sound, the pzapper, all the other voice dial commands.

Backwards impulse
This one is about a gameplay element. It's an impulse move, one of the easier ones. Got a grenade thrown at you? In-air? Press and hold DOWN, press SPACE, and be propelled backwards. Still get fragged though, instanoob amirite?

The community. We're a diverse, good spirited, and overall pleasant people. We don't tolerate abusive talk, bad spirits, and those filthy flag tossers. (@Bobbo :-))

I know that it might seem weird, but I love muh bugs. They make me feel happy. One of the reasons I'm involved in RE development more than before, is that I squashed one minor bug, so now there is a small fingerprint in the code base. Now, RE is also my baby. So, bugs are actually good for the game, especially those that are easy to fix, since it connects the people who fix them to the game. And, of course, there are many other bugs, lurking below the surface, waiting to be squished.

Bots, dance!
The bots can dance now. Nuff said.

Map editing for dummies
RE allows easy map creation and editing. Last time we played around with it, I placed two pushers facing each others, vertically. Once you got into their area of influence, you would be pushed up and down endlessly. This, combined with the gay bots that danced around, and people drawing obscene figures on walls with the sub machine gun, made my evening. Disclaimer: map editing is actually hard, if one wants to create a map that's also fun to play real games on.

There is a guy who invented a new language. All I know is that 'kechi' means 'hi'. Maybe, all that's needed is to add 'kec' to each word and that's it. Not sure though. He also has an awesome brother.

Last, but not least, it's the brand-spanking new Gladiator mode! In my opinion, this is one of the best (or maybe even the best) things to happen to RE lately. Whoever got the ingenious idea to max out the kick-push and make it into a mode had accomplished the amazing. True, it introduces chaos into the game, but more experienced players (especially those that are good at medieval mode), can have an edge. Timing is everything.

Thank you all for reading this. And of course, I want to thank everyone who plays regularly, maintains and talks, streams or posts about the game. We all make this experience amazing.


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Re: [REVIEW] The little things matter

Postby qreeves » 24 Mar 2017 05:06

Moved to News and Articles. If anyone else wants to contribute articles, videos, or any other media be sure to send it my way and I will post it to the relevant social networks and devlogs.
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