[MAP] RATS - Re (W.I.P. name/map)

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[MAP] RATS - Re (W.I.P. name/map)

Postby SniperGoth » 08 Apr 2017 16:24

This is a map inspired from those old "De_Rat" maps from Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament and such, where you are a small creature in a giant environment.
Got the help of Don Geilo, who did most of the letters in the keyboard, Zejak and monkoose, who did some of the books and prettified the monitor, also the cup of tomato juice .
And thanks for everyone that helped make this madness playable :lol: .
There's some basic waypointing on it at the moment, so that also needs to be worked on.
If you can see it, you can go to it, as most of the models got clipped.
Preffered mode for play would be ffa-insta, but i guess survival could work...
I'll update the thead when there's more stuff added to it.
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Re: [MAP] RATS - Re (W.I.P. name/map)

Postby Zero » 09 Apr 2017 02:53

lol Dude What!? This is a sick idea. It's like playing fantasy land or like toystory. All miniature. I could see this one being nice with proper placements of Affinities.
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