Submit Red Eclipse into GSoC program (owned by Google)

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Submit Red Eclipse into GSoC program (owned by Google)

Postby BulletSpreader » 05 Mar 2017 17:53

Hey guys,

Do you know about the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program?

If you click on the previous link, you'll get all the details. In short, it's a popular programming competition (of about 3 months) opened to students where Google support them to contribute into some open source projects. Both students and mentors (someone of you that will follow the development) are paid. This is one of the greatest opportunity to improve the development of an open source project. I've never seen a project related to the gaming world in this competition, so maybe you could be the first!

Unfortunately, the program has already started, so I think it's too late to make your proposal. Btw, please think about it for the next year :D
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Re: Submit Red Eclipse into GSoC program (owned by Google)

Postby qreeves » 06 Mar 2017 03:18

We've known about the program since it started, and there have been other open source games in the past that have participated. Generally, we're much more strict with our coding standards and guidelines, and we are quite particular about who we let mess with our code for the sake of project integrity. Unfortunately this means that the structure of our community isn't a good fit for programs such as the GSoC.

We provide the ability to contribute to the project through Pull Requests on GitHub, where we will review your submission and give you tailored advice on how to improve it or make it fit better with the rest of the code. I find this a much better method for accepting contributions, and in the process we can share some of the knowledge we've gained over the years with others who are genuinely interested in the project and want to make it better for everyone.
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